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Susi Summit

Susanne is a trained mountain and snowshoe guide, mountain bike guide, and volunteer guide at the Alpenverein Kufstein. Most recently, she worked full-time for the DAV Summit Club as a guide on alpine crossings and multi-day cabin tours. This is also where she earned her nickname “Susi Summit”. She regularly offers workshops and hiking weeks on the following topics:

  • Hiking and walking techniques for beginners and novices, including equipment orientation
  • Map reading and orientation on the mountain
  • Meteorology on the mountain
  • Alpine hazards and what to do in a case of emergency
  • Snowshoeing for beginners
  • Avalanche basics
  • Fauna and flora in alpine terrain
  • How to plan & organize a multi-day cabin tour or alpine crossing

At the “MOUNTAIN FRESH – alpine easy stay” you can look forward to a wide range of workshops. Click here for an overview:


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